Which Chesterfield Sofa is Right For Me?

That is the question most frequently asked in the offices at Distinctive Chesterfields. And the problem in answering it is, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on the customer and what they want from their Chesterfield Sofa.

The questions to ask are:

  • Are you looking for traditional or more modern?
  • Are you wanting comfort over appearance?
  • What type of setting will your Leather Chesterfield Sofa be placed in?

Different people seek different characteristics in their Chesterfield Sofa. Take the firm sprung and webbed Rutland Sofa – this is never going to be as soft and squishy as the more informal Kendal Sofa. However, the Dorset range of Leather Chesterfields can be seen as a compromise between the two. But why compromise?

So what we always recommend here at Distinctive Chesterfields, when buying a Leather Chesterfield Sofa, is to ask yourself “What do I want out of my sofa?” Then, and only then, can we sit down and decide which sofa would be best for you and narrow down the possibilities.

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