The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa

The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa is an original design here at Distinctive Chesterfields. This unique sofa captures the beauty of a true Leather Chesterfield.

Rather hard to actually describe, it appears to be set rather low to the ground, which then pronounces the height of the arms and back of the sofa, when in fact, the height of the sofa is actually no different to our other Chesterfield Sofas! And it is then set on taller than usual contoured polished mahogany feet – bun feet and castored feet being the norm for most of our Chesterfield sofa range. A very palatial looking sofa yet very understated at the same time.

A custom made heavy set hardwood frame is the basis on which this, our largest standard range of Chesterfield Sofas, is built. The Lincoln features a deep buttoned seat and heavy springing. Hand-nailed studs on the facings complete the look of this high stanced Chesterfield Sofa.

This sofa can only be truly appreciated upon close inspection, to understand and take in its understated elegance. The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa really is a sofa with timeless beauty. And finished in high quality leather, this sofa takes on a whole new look of regality.

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