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Like the Chesterfield design but are in the mood for something different?

Distinctive Chesterfields has a great history of making classic looking sofas and chairs but our expertise is by no way limited to the classics.

If you have a design in mind that is not a standard design then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We manufacture all our own furniture, we do not re-sell or buy from any other companies, so we can help realise your dream sofa for you.

We have upholstered sofas in many fabris from velvet to astro-turf, yes astro turf! If you have a specific size or shape we can accomodate you, so long as the design wouldn’t be dangerous or impractical that is!


Chesterfield Sofas in Stock!

Yes its that dreaded quiet summer month again where our Chesterfield sofas come second to the holidays. To try and tempt you into reconsidering us before the end of the summer break, we are currently offering sale prices on stock chesterfield sofas and chesterfield suites such as the Essex range.

And because these sofas are in stock, we can deliver super quick!

Just call or e-mail for more details!

Chesterfields in Netherlands and Scandinavia

Lately at Distinctive Chesterfields, we seem to have been exporting more chesterfield sofas than selling in the UK. Over the past five weeks, we’ve sent items to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, 3 to Norway!, Holland, and Belgium!!

Not that i’m complaining of course – and the thing that amazes me most is how cost effictively we can get it transported.

What is even more unusual is that most of the suites have been in antique leather – as opposed to our premium aniline leathers which are our usual top sellers!

Bespoke Chesterfield ? No Problem!

Fancy a chesterfield sofa but need custom or bespoke finishes or sizes?

Talk to distinctive chesterfields!

We are experts in Bespoke and Custom work- in fact over 30% of our business is made up of non- standard orders.

Some recent projects we have undertaken include a 15ft Lime green chesterfield ( above) , a double corner unit in hand finished ivory leather, and a suite consisting of a distressed black Wessex sofa and two Queen anne wing chairs.

Chesterfield Chairs – Differences Between Cheap and Expensive

There are many possible differences between different leather Chesterfield chairs, but lets assume that the style of chair and leather type are the same.

The next thing to consider is the frame. Is it hard or soft wood? This is important, due to the fact that when a chesterfield chair is complete, it is under lots of sprung force, which puts pressure on the frame. Therefore, if the frame is of a low quality, then over time the shape will distort or even break.

The second thing to consider is how the chair is wadded. By this I mean, is the Chesterfield chair sprung on the arms, back ,and base? or is it simply foamed? If fully sprung, you then have yourself a high quality Chesterfield chair which will last a lifetime. If not, then you dont. Answer these couple of simple questions before purchasing your Chesterfield chairs and you will not go far wrong.


Chesterfield Sofas in the USA?- I’m Not Sure!

Recently, I have had an unusually large amount of enquiries from customers in the United States of America who want to purchase chesterfields, both sofas, settees, and chairs from me. After looking into this in some detail, it seems that there is a huge demand for a genuine, English Leather Chesterfield, in the states and currently not many people servicing this market. To this end, we have recently spoken with our haulage company and negotiated a deal to give free delivery to all US orders over £1500.00 for the next couple of months to see just how much demand there is over there!

This offer does exclude the Chesterfield Suite Specials, but includes the whole of the rest of the range- including hump back, tufted, buttoned, and cushion based models.

I’ll keep you posted !

Suite or Sofas and Chairs?

Not so many years ago, Having a 3 or 4 piece leather suite in your living room was seen as something of a class achievement. All pieces of furniture co-ordinated and matching, in the same fabric upholstery. But times are changing. Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have steadily been noticing buying trends moving away from the set suites. People are now, it seems, actively looking for a group of individual pieces of furniture, rather than a suite of chairs and sofas.

The larger, focal point sofas, in premium, soft, leathers are proving more popular than ever, and the old wing chair is being given a new lease of life with contemporary polished studs and brightly coloured hides.

The days of the old antique green and antique red chesterfield suite is numbered!

Demic Chesterfields What Are They?

A ‘demic’ Chesterfield is a sofa which uses the offcuts of leather and is not made using full hides.

Prior to upholstery, a patchwork or leather scraps is sewn together and laid over the frame. It is then applied- using more buttons that for a usual chesterfield so as to hide the hems.

The frames will usually be of lower quality too, as the point of a Demic Leather Chesterfield is not best quality but cheapest price.

The real problem with a demic, though, will only become apparent over time. The stiching can pull and work loose- leaving unfixed holes on the sofa, which then let in dirt and grime and can rot away the sofa from the inside.

For a comparison- for a full hide 4 seat sofa in good quality antique hide you can expect to pay £1,000- £1,500 whereas the value if a demic of the same basic design is only £300- £400

The old saying does stand true here – you get what you pay for!

Budget Chesterfield or Cheap Chesterfield- How to Spot Good Value from Cheap Quality.

The problem with a Leather Chesterfield is that a good portion of the price you pay is for the bits you cant see rather than the bits you can, which is why I decided to write this article to let people know what to look for in a good quality chesterfield sofa.

Firstly, the easy bits to spot-

  • Is it real leather? (the easiest way to find out is to ask or smell.)
  • Is it a demic?

This is also fairly easy to spot. Look at the arm from the front. Is the last button on the top of the arm or the outside of the arm? if the top then the leather is full hide, if on the side then the sofa is a demic. These are much cheaper in price and quality. I will post more on this later.

Other than that, without pulling the thing apart, check the weight- the heavier the better, and check the reputation of the seller – and bear in mind that many sellers DONT have anything to do with the manufacturing process, they just buy and sell

Antique Chesterfield or Antiqued Chesterfield Furniture?

“What is the difference between an antique chesterfield and an antiqued chesterfield?”

This is a question i am asked often.

The answer is very simple- an antique chesterfield is an old sofa, with an old frame, and old foams and leather. An antiqued chesterfield is a new sofa with a new frame and foams/ springs and leather, which goes through a hand applied antiquing process to give it an aged appearance.

Well which is best i hear you ask?

The answer is different for different people:

Some crave originality and are prepared to live with the comprimise (a sixty year old sofa will not take the same daily use as a new sofa).

Others prefer to sacrifice the originality of an old sofa for a new one which can be used as an everyday piece of furniture, yet still retains the appearance of a used chesterfield.