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Antique Leather Chesterfields

Are you looking for a Chesterfield in Antique Leather but not quite fully understand what this type of leather is, well worry no more. Have a read through my easy to understand description below.

Antique Leather

This is a corrected grain leather, uniform in texture with very little visible marks or scars. This type of leather is very easy to maintain and suitable for customers with young children or pets. The leather has a contrasting top coat which is applied unevenly and partially rubbed off to reveal a paler underlying colour.

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New leathers for Chesterfield sofas

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we have spiced things up a little bit by introducing a new range of colours for our already impressive selection, giving you even more choice for that one of a kind feeling you get with owning a Distinctive Chesterfield.

Not looking for a leather Chesterfield?? We also have a wide variety of velvet options available for you. For any other queries feel free to call us on 01484 663294 or log on to our website at

How to clean a Chesterfield Sofa

Leather Chesterfield Sofas are quite easy to look after and keep clean

We have many customers that are worried about this and the answer is simple, Dust regulary and wipe over with a warm damp soft cloth every other week.

We do recommend that customers use a Creamer maybe once or twice a year depending on where in a room your Chesterfield Sofa is, it may need doing more if it is kept next to a radiator as the Leather may dry out quicker.

We have a range of Leather Creamer and Cleaner kits that are available to buy through our online shop

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The Rutland Sofa at Distinctive Chesterfields

The Rutland is one of our more popular sofas that we find a timeless classic.

The Rutland looks elegant especially finished in a Hand Dyed Leather such as the Ebony shown in our brochure or on the website.

The Rutland is a button based Chesterfield  with fully sprung serpentine springs, features a single buttoned boarder and has solid brass castors on the front and solid mahogany feet to the rear.

If this is not for you maybe we have another style that will catch your eye.

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Unusal Chesterfield Sofas

We have had an increase in demand for the traditional Chesterfield Sofa in bright colours for bars, clubs, restaurants and homes.

As we make all our own Sofas here in the UK we can use differnt leathers and fabrics to cater your every need, from your  hot pinks, day glow oranges and lime greens to white and black pvc or even hair on hide.

We also make items for commercial customers so open your trade account today!

As we are in the 21st century nothing will sease to amaze us so give us a call or pop us an email with your requirements now.


Cozy New Couch

Well with all this talk of more snow on it’s way, why not buy yourself a brand new chesterfield couch with big comfy cushions and snuggle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

We have great deals on all the time so why not take a look.

My personal favourite is the Dorset. It is a timeless classic with straight arms, level back, polished bun feet and hand stuffed cushions this obviously is available in any colour.

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage 3

Following on from the previous two stages, this final stage (known as the finishing process) is where the hide acquires it’s final surface finish.

First it is coated with a pigment dye – this penetrates deep into the leather, which gives a finished colour to the hide. The hide is then re-dried and covered with a protective final fix coat to protect the acquired finish.

The leather is then dry-milled or pummelled. This further softens the hide. It is then ironed and ready for despatch. This completes the full leather finishing process.

When we upholster our Chesterfield Sofas, we select (from our leather stores) fine grain hides in the required finish. Templates, for whichever sofa is chosen, are applied to the hide and the panels are cut by a trained professional pattern maker and then passed to a dedicated upholsterer, to be put on the appropriate Chesterfield Sofa.

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage Two

Following on from Stage One (see previous entry on 1/12), the hide is bathed in chromium salts – these are absorbed deep into the skin.

This stage is called ‘Wet Blue’, so called due to the chromium salts turning the immersed hide a blue-ish colour. The hide is then checked for quality. This assessment is carried out by a trained professional. They choose certain hides for grade one, or otherwise known as top quality, applications and they choose others for more hard-wearing applications. This is an extremely specialised stage.

After this process, the leather is then separated in to layers. The top layer is the most luxurious aniline leather, known also as ‘full grain’. The second layer, known as corrected grain, is the leather most commonly used in furniture production. And finally, the lower layers being the lower quality split leather.

The hide is then shaved to create a consistent thickness all over the hide. Following this, the hide is re-tanned and re-dyed using different forms of oils and dyes. This adds colour and gives further lubrication too, so the leather takes on a more supple feel. The leather is then stretch-dried in a specially equipped oven.

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage One

Ever wondered how the leather for your Leather Chesterfield Sofa gets treated? Well, let’s get technical now!

Before your Chesterfield Sofa can be covered, the leather has to be ‘finished’. There are three stages to this. Here is the first stage – known as “Rawhide”. (Put all thoughts of country and westerns, cowboys boots and whips to one side for a minute!!)

This is the term used basically for raw leather, once it has been removed from the carcass of the animal and cured.

Fat and flesh deposits are removed from the hide after the leather has been taken to the tannery. This process is actually called the beam house process. It got it’s name, as traditionally the fat and flesh deposits were removed by laying the hide over an oak beam and then scraped off with a sharp knife. However, this process is now performed mainly by machine, as it is more precise and a lot quicker.

The next step is called liming. The hide is placed in a large drum and spun with a lime or calcium carbonate solution. This makes the hair and any other deposits soluble which can then be washed away. The excess lime is then removed and the hide is treated with enzymes to remove any final proteins.

Keep your eyes peeled for Stage Two!

You’ll look at your new Chesterfield Sofa in a whole new light.

The Quality of Leather

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have a large range of Leather Chesterfields in differing styles and looks to suit your preferred taste and living environment.

From deep sumptuous red and brown leathers to a clean fresh white leather, our range of Chesterfields is comprehensive, so we should have the type of leather and sofa that you are looking for. Our leathers are selected at source for fineness, texture, even-ness and feel. This means that only the highest quality end product is received by you – our customer.

Leather is one of the most versatile materials used in furniture, offering a luxuriant look and feel, and excellent durability. It has the unique ability to improve with age, as the leather takes on a patina with use.

There is nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing on a real leather traditional Chesterfield Sofa, with the comfort and luxury feel that it affords.