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2010 Chesterfield Sofa Ranges

2010 Leather Chesterfield Range

Leather Sofas

Hundreds of customers who were injured after buying “toxic” sofas look set to receive a total payout of up to £20 million, the High Court heard today.
An agreement has been thrashed out by lawyers which paves the way for “swift” payouts for many victims, a judge in London heard.
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Mr Justice MacDuff was told that a “claims handling agreement” had been reached which could “potentially benefit” between 1,500 and 2,000 claimants.
He heard that the agreement did not resolve the whole of the litigation surrounding the purchase of the sofas, but that it would “open the way to swift compensation for many hundreds” of people.
A statement issued by lawyers after the hearing announced that around 1,650 victims of “toxic sofas” manufactured in China, which caused “serious burns”, would receive “combined payouts totalling up to £20 million”.
They are expected to receive between £1,175 and £9,000, depending on the severity of their symptoms.
Legal action is still ongoing in 3,000 cases where liability remains in dispute.
Lawyers for claimants in what is believed to be the largest consumer group litigation in UK legal history say they suffered painful medical complaints due to the presence of the “highly sensitising” chemical DMF – dimethyl fumarate – in leather sofas manufactured by Chinese companies Linkwise and Eurosofa.
They were said to have suffered severe skin or eye complaints, breathing difficulties or other medical complications after exposure to the chemical.
The group action was launched against the three retailers of the affected sofas – Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsleys – all of whom admitted liability.
The EU has now banned the use of DMF after consumers in at least five European countries suffered skin burns and breathing problems due to the chemical used in numerous imported leather products, say solicitors.
Richard Langton, senior litigation partner at law firm Russell Jones & Walker, who led the group litigation against the retailers, said after the hearing: “Many suffered serious health problems, simply because of the new sofa they chose.
“At the start there was a real fear factor as nobody knew the cause.
“The doctors took nine months to identify the chemical. Some people thought they had skin cancer or were dying.
“We believe many sofas are still in use with DMF in them. Anyone who develops symptoms should seek urgent medical advice. Anyone who has not registered a claim yet should seek help as time is running out to bring a claim.”
During the hearing Ralph Lewis QC said the claims handling agreement related only to “non-severe” cases.
Around 350 customers of Land of Leather, now in administration, will miss out as another High Court judge previously ruled that they were not entitled to compensation from Zurich Insurance, Land of Leather’s insurers.
That decision is expected to be challenged in the Court of Appeal.

New leathers for Chesterfield sofas

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we have spiced things up a little bit by introducing a new range of colours for our already impressive selection, giving you even more choice for that one of a kind feeling you get with owning a Distinctive Chesterfield.

Not looking for a leather Chesterfield?? We also have a wide variety of velvet options available for you. For any other queries feel free to call us on 01484 663294 or log on to our website at

How to clean a Chesterfield Sofa

Leather Chesterfield Sofas are quite easy to look after and keep clean

We have many customers that are worried about this and the answer is simple, Dust regulary and wipe over with a warm damp soft cloth every other week.

We do recommend that customers use a Creamer maybe once or twice a year depending on where in a room your Chesterfield Sofa is, it may need doing more if it is kept next to a radiator as the Leather may dry out quicker.

We have a range of Leather Creamer and Cleaner kits that are available to buy through our online shop

If you would like any further information, help or advise please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pre Christmas Deliveries on Chesterfield Sofas

Well it is coming up to that time again where people are setting the scene for Christmas.

Are you looking for a new Chesterfield Sofa for Christmas? We have certain models still in stock and ready to make for delivery before Christmas.

Call now for details 0044 1484 663294 or email me at



We don’t usually re-upholster sofa’s on customers request however this one in particular caught our eye!

The customer wanted us to cover his old sofa in lots of different types of fabrics, just another example of the Chesterfield Sofa coming back in to fashion.

Take a look for your self at these different Chesterfields, personally think they look fab!

Cow Print Chesterfield Sofa

Cow Print Chesterfield Sofa

A Red Satin Buttoned Wing Chair

A Red Satin Buttoned Wing Chair

The Rutland Sofa at Distinctive Chesterfields

The Rutland is one of our more popular sofas that we find a timeless classic.

The Rutland looks elegant especially finished in a Hand Dyed Leather such as the Ebony shown in our brochure or on the website.

The Rutland is a button based Chesterfield  with fully sprung serpentine springs, features a single buttoned boarder and has solid brass castors on the front and solid mahogany feet to the rear.

If this is not for you maybe we have another style that will catch your eye.

Call or email us now to request a brochure.

The New Berkshire Chesterfield Sofa

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we are always looking to increase our products and services.

We have added the Berkshire range and find that this unusual style of Chesterfield people love.

This is a comfortable yet compact sofa and great to fill them small spaces that lack the finishing touch. The Berkshire Chesterfield Sofa is available in all our types and colours of leather. This is available to buy as a 2 Seat or Tub Chair.

Take a look at our collection…….

Sale Page Updated

Hello all you Chesterfield Sofa Lovers,

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we have updated and added to our sale page.

There are some good deals to be had at discount prices that are available this week!

Usually all our furniture is hand made to order however, we have some sample stock that we are clearing.


New Deals ON NOW at Distinctive Chesterfields

Our site has had some improvements over the last week or so making it easier and quicker to find waht you are looking for!

We have just launched a new section ‘ Chesterfield Suites’, currently at the minute you are able to get 10 % off the individual prices when buying as part of a suite.

Take a look now, or give us a call for more information.