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Ex-showroom sale on now!

There are some great bargains to be had on the Distinctive Chesterfields sale page. All items are in perfect or near perfect condition. You can pick up anything from a footstool to a sofa bed. You can also be assured of the quality of these goods as they were used to showcase to the public the craftmanship that goes into one of our Chesterfields.

Contact one of our experienced sales team to find out more details or to receive further pictures! You can reach the office on:

0044 (0)1484 663294

Like the Chesterfield design but are in the mood for something different?

Distinctive Chesterfields has a great history of making classic looking sofas and chairs but our expertise is by no way limited to the classics.

If you have a design in mind that is not a standard design then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We manufacture all our own furniture, we do not re-sell or buy from any other companies, so we can help realise your dream sofa for you.

We have upholstered sofas in many fabris from velvet to astro-turf, yes astro turf! If you have a specific size or shape we can accomodate you, so long as the design wouldn’t be dangerous or impractical that is!


A new range for the new year

Distinctive Chesterfields will be launching a new range of sofas and chairs in the new year. Don’t worry if you already like the current range we have (we’re still keeping it) it’s just with the success of the current range we feel it is the right time to expand and offer you, the customer, a larger and better selection¬† that can fit just perfectly into your home or office.

The leathers we offer will also be updated slightly to offer you better value for money without cheapening the product.

Antique Leather Chesterfields

Are you looking for a Chesterfield in Antique Leather but not quite fully understand what this type of leather is, well worry no more. Have a read through my easy to understand description below.

Antique Leather

This is a corrected grain leather, uniform in texture with very little visible marks or scars. This type of leather is very easy to maintain and suitable for customers with young children or pets. The leather has a contrasting top coat which is applied unevenly and partially rubbed off to reveal a paler underlying colour.

Do you need any samples? Call or email us now for more information

Grand Rutland sofa on sale now for Christmas!!

We have a one off, 3 metre Rutland sofa available in any colour and leather finish! This high quality 3 metre Rutland would look great anywhere and is definitely a conversation piece!

If you are interested in having this unique centre piece in your home or anywhere else for that matter, give us a call on 0044 (0)1484 663294

Cheap way to keep your Chesterfield Sofa and Club Chair clean!!

One of the most important areas to consider when owning a hand crafted Chesterfield Sofa or Club Chair is the care and upkeep of the leather.

One thing you can do on a daily basis is to dust the leather with lint free cloth – this will stop dirt building up and ingraining your sofa. Once every 1/2 weeks be sure to wash gently with warm water and a clean lint free cloth (except aniline leathers). You can also use a soft brush to revive the finish on the leather. Treat with a recommended leather clean and feed product to protect the properties of the leather and to prevent drying and cracking of the surface every 9-12 months depending on its proximity to a heat source, radiator etc.

Observe the above and you should see many years of trouble free use of your leather Chesterfield Sofa or Club Chair.

Leather Suite

If you are currently in the market for a brand new leather suite and are torn as to which type of suite is the best for your home then go for leather. A new leather suite has never been as affordable as it is today and when you invest in it you will be certain of a lasting and great looking sofa for years to come.

Leather is a material that is durable and hard wearing, meaning that it can cope with a considerable amount of wear and tear while still managing to look good. So, if the kids happen to spill some form of liquid on the suite it is not sure to be ruined as leather suites develop in character despite such instances.

Investing in a leather suite is usually a more pricey affair than if you were to look into fabric sofas, but no other suite will offer you the sheer quality that leather does. Even the smell of leather is enough to draw a customer to it. These types of suites are now available in many more colours than they used to be, so do not worry that you will only be able to opt for a black or brown colour as there is now much more to leather than that.

Of course before having any type of suite installed in your home you need to make sure that you have the available space to accommodate it. Measure the area in which it will sit so that you can be sure of an appropriate sized sofa beforehand. If you happen to have a small living room then do not panic. The corner sofa has come back in vogue recently and is able to overcome most shapes and sizes of room and is available as a leather variety.

Small Leather Sofas

One of the advantages of buying a small leather sofa is its versatility. With small sofas coming in different types, styles and sizes, its ability to fit in to any living room small, or medium sized makes it the perfect type of sofa for the space available. Another advantage of the small leather sofa is that they can be combined with other pieces of furniture such as recliner sofas, ottomans and corner pieces that can be arranged to fit into any available space in a living room and also help to give the room a modern look. These are known as Sectional sofas.

Sectional Sofas – Small leather sectional sofas are also available in many styles such as the conventional style, countryside style and modern style and with the sizes of the present day homes becoming smaller with less room, the small sofa is growing in its popularity because of its ability to be fixed in any corner of the room or wherever it is possible to be kept. The sectional sofa is great for a small family gathering where every member of the family can sit together to watch TV, play a board game or simply chill out while having drinks. The small sectional sofa also comes in two different types known as the closed couch and opened chaise end which is slightly larger than the closed couch type and has more room to stretch your legs and be comfortable.

Customized Sofas – Small leather sofas are the most preferred by home makers although the small types are also available in material such as denim and cotton. The leather sofas however can be customized according to the likings and requirements of the owner. Many home owners prefer the contemporary look which goes with other modern accessories while there are others who like the traditional look which creates a cozier and intimate atmosphere.

Sofas with different Features – Small sofas can be bought with features such as arm rests with cup holders and recliners where you can take a nap or head rests where you can simply relax and watch TV. They are also available in curvy modular shapes which can be bought in sectional pieces and assembled at home.

Sleeper Sofas – Another very versatile type of small leather sofa is the sleeper sofa which comes in very useful when there are guests in the house. You can not only use it as a normal sofa but also sleep on it and use the storage space available to keep your extra pillows and blankets. With just a press of a button you can convert these sleeper sofas into a bed or sofa while the wide range of colors they come in, the small sleeper leather sofa is also an excellent choice for any small home

With so many small leather sofas available in the market you should be able to transform your living room into one of modern style and veritable comfort which will give your living room a look of sophistication and class without cleaning out your bank balance.

The Leather Sofa

Symbol of money to spare and luxurious tastes, leather furniture occupies a special place in our hearts and minds as well as in the world of funiture. There can be no greater status symbol for the living room than the mighty leather sofa, and this is one item that, because it is accessible to a broad spectrum of people, need not be derided as a snobbish affectation that only the rich can afford. The truth is, real leather need not cost that much more than a fabric upholstered sofa, and cheaper leathers that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing are even cheaper.

You might think that you can get away with buying cheap leather sofas- think again. This stuff is often made of pigskin or goatskin, and while you might not be able to differentiate it from cowhide initially, it wears out much faster and will probably need to be replaced much sooner than you would expect. You get what you pay for, as the old axiom goes, and in this case, it’s worth it to pay the higher price for real leather.

That’s right- whether you’re looking for an ever-popular black leather sofa or considering the also in-demand brown leather sofa, you need to make sure it’s quality cowhide if it’s real leather you’re after. Regardless of the color of the sofa, quality leather will be more durable and attractive, outlasting fabric sofas by a long shot and getting more comfortable with wear.

In terms of the type of leather sofa to get, you have a choice. Common combinations are a sofa and loveseat seat, perhaps with a matching leather ottoman. This is the tradtional setup and one that continues to be popular. A sofa and loveseat combination has the benefit of versatility, as it usually has more possible arrangements. A common one is to make an ‘L’ shape with the two pieces and put an end table in the corner where they meet. A more contemporary setup is the leather sectional sofa, also known as the leather corner sofa. Here, a piece will join the sofa and loveseat, providing a continuous seating surface. Many such sectionals also come with a chaise, adding a comfortable function to the design. With a corner sofa, you have a continuous ‘L’ of leather seating- a very impressive way of making a room feel complete.

For those concerned with the ethics of leather use, you are right to be. The leather is usually taken from cattle in the beef industry, which are subject to unnatural and often cruel conditions during their lifetimes and slaughter. However, the hides would otherwise be discarded if not used for making sofas.


The sofa is one of the most vital pieces of furniture at home. Although it is the first thing that your visitors will ever see, and one of the most important places where you will be spending most of your family time, people rarely give it much attention. You will notice that the people who are always credited for having the best homes are the ones whose living rooms have the best sofas. These are the furniture pieces that give definition and meaning to your living room. Without a sofa, your living room would look completely empty. Also a sofa that doesn’t match with the decor of the room looks like a nightmare. If you want your home to look wonderfully presentable and trendy, you need to ensure that the furniture in it is trendy as well.
Leather sofas
You could achieve this with the help of some amazing leather sofas. A leather sofa is like a gold necklace or a Chanel dress. It never goes out of fashion, and always feels amazing to sit on. Some of the most favourite pieces of furniture which you would remember in your childhood would have been made out of leather. The best part about leather is that it is very easy to maintain. Leather sofas never get dirty easily, and are very easy to clean. Thus, even if your guests in moments of excitement or fun fill some drinks or food, you can easily clean it with some club soda or some water. It won’t stain, it will dry off easily, and you can pretend that the little accident did not even happen.
Of discounts and black leather sofas
These days, you can get some really amazing leather suites in some great designs and colours. When you buy a leather suite, you will be giving your home a uniform look. You can get a complete set that gel well with each other, instead of having a bunch of old furniture that look like they are from a thrift shop. These are also available at some fabulous discounts that you simply cannot resist. Sometimes you may even get a marvellous leather settee that makes your living room reach the highest levels of sophistication. Leather settees are incredibly sexy, and are extremely amazing. These are particularly useful for larger homes, so that it acts both as an extra place to sit, as well as a filler of extra space.
The real magical pieces of living room furniture are black leather sofas. These look completely amazing, and never ho out of style. They match every kind of interior, and are suitable for any kind of event. You may be hosting a bachelor party involving booze and football, or you may be hosting a formal evening party for some of your most important clients. A black leather sofa will never let you down at any occasion.