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What is a Club Chair?

A Club chair is a chair with level arms and back, often fully buttoned or tufted but can be plain upholstered. It will usually have a low, deep seating position and be covered in leather. Taking their name from the early nineteenth centure gentlemans clubs in London town, these chairs were most often accompanied by Chesterfield sofas and high wing chairs and most commonly fourn in Antique Red or Antique Green Leather.

Antique Chesterfield or Antiqued Chesterfield Furniture?

“What is the difference between an antique chesterfield and an antiqued chesterfield?”

This is a question i am asked often.

The answer is very simple- an antique chesterfield is an old sofa, with an old frame, and old foams and leather. An antiqued chesterfield is a new sofa with a new frame and foams/ springs and leather, which goes through a hand applied antiquing process to give it an aged appearance.

Well which is best i hear you ask?

The answer is different for different people:

Some crave originality and are prepared to live with the comprimise (a sixty year old sofa will not take the same daily use as a new sofa).

Others prefer to sacrifice the originality of an old sofa for a new one which can be used as an everyday piece of furniture, yet still retains the appearance of a used chesterfield.