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Ex-showroom sale on now!

There are some great bargains to be had on the Distinctive Chesterfields sale page. All items are in perfect or near perfect condition. You can pick up anything from a footstool to a sofa bed. You can also be assured of the quality of these goods as they were used to showcase to the public the craftmanship that goes into one of our Chesterfields.

Contact one of our experienced sales team to find out more details or to receive further pictures! You can reach the office on:

0044 (0)1484 663294

Like the Chesterfield design but are in the mood for something different?

Distinctive Chesterfields has a great history of making classic looking sofas and chairs but our expertise is by no way limited to the classics.

If you have a design in mind that is not a standard design then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We manufacture all our own furniture, we do not re-sell or buy from any other companies, so we can help realise your dream sofa for you.

We have upholstered sofas in many fabris from velvet to astro-turf, yes astro turf! If you have a specific size or shape we can accomodate you, so long as the design wouldn’t be dangerous or impractical that is!


Antique Leather Chesterfields

Are you looking for a Chesterfield in Antique Leather but not quite fully understand what this type of leather is, well worry no more. Have a read through my easy to understand description below.

Antique Leather

This is a corrected grain leather, uniform in texture with very little visible marks or scars. This type of leather is very easy to maintain and suitable for customers with young children or pets. The leather has a contrasting top coat which is applied unevenly and partially rubbed off to reveal a paler underlying colour.

Do you need any samples? Call or email us now for more information

Cheap way to keep your Chesterfield Sofa and Club Chair clean!!

One of the most important areas to consider when owning a hand crafted Chesterfield Sofa or Club Chair is the care and upkeep of the leather.

One thing you can do on a daily basis is to dust the leather with lint free cloth – this will stop dirt building up and ingraining your sofa. Once every 1/2 weeks be sure to wash gently with warm water and a clean lint free cloth (except aniline leathers). You can also use a soft brush to revive the finish on the leather. Treat with a recommended leather clean and feed product to protect the properties of the leather and to prevent drying and cracking of the surface every 9-12 months depending on its proximity to a heat source, radiator etc.

Observe the above and you should see many years of trouble free use of your leather Chesterfield Sofa or Club Chair.

New leathers for Chesterfield sofas

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we have spiced things up a little bit by introducing a new range of colours for our already impressive selection, giving you even more choice for that one of a kind feeling you get with owning a Distinctive Chesterfield.

Not looking for a leather Chesterfield?? We also have a wide variety of velvet options available for you. For any other queries feel free to call us on 01484 663294 or log on to our website at

Chesterfield Sofa Sale

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we have a special offer’s on all models when bought as suites.

This is a great deal as many customers want more than one piece in the living spaces or offices.

The savings are endless, if you would like to mix and match suites this is also possible but you would need to contact the sales office to take advantage on either 0044 1484 663294 or

To ensure you get the right model we have many ranges to cater for all expectations, we also offer a service where you can select  leather samples so you are able to touch, feel and look at the leather before you buy.

If there is a colour that you specifically want but cannot see in our range all you have to do is call or email as we have work with the best tannery’s in England.

So what are you waiting for……..


Cozy New Couch

Well with all this talk of more snow on it’s way, why not buy yourself a brand new chesterfield couch with big comfy cushions and snuggle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

We have great deals on all the time so why not take a look.

My personal favourite is the Dorset. It is a timeless classic with straight arms, level back, polished bun feet and hand stuffed cushions this obviously is available in any colour.

Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa

It is getting to that time of year here at Distinctive Chesterfields, where we are having to clear our stock to make way for christmas orders. Due to this, we have a few special offers on sale chesterfield sofas. One of the most popular sofa we do is the black chesterfield sofa with a buttoned base, and it just so happens that we have a few available in the two seat variety at £995.00 each. Now this is not just your average standard black leather, but an aniline, premium distressed black leather, which gives the 2 seat buttoned base derby such character, that these items dont usually stop around long enough to become specials- but here they are!

Also, they are in absolute pristine condition, having not been used since manufacture.

To take a look at these black chesterfield sofas, give us a call, but be warned, these wont be around for long!!

Chesterfield Sofas in Stock!

Yes its that dreaded quiet summer month again where our Chesterfield sofas come second to the holidays. To try and tempt you into reconsidering us before the end of the summer break, we are currently offering sale prices on stock chesterfield sofas and chesterfield suites such as the Essex range.

And because these sofas are in stock, we can deliver super quick!

Just call or e-mail for more details!

Chesterfield Sofa Hire

Recently, it seems that every swish party or corporate event I go to has had furniture provided by a furniture hire company. Whats more, this week we have agreed to supply several items, both large and small to corporate furniture hire companies. It seems that all of a sudden, everybody wants to hire a chesterfield for their party or gathering.

What has surprised me though, is that our usual best sellers, the antique greens and antique reds, are not being touched. Yet the Black, White, and Pastille red and blue chesterfields are being snapped up as quickly as we can make them!

So has there been a sudden influx of people wanting to hire chesterfield sofas? or has this market or leather chesterfields for hire just become apparent to us?

Either way, I think it a positive thing for the industry- and as for the white ones… great. This lets people see that a leather chesterfield does not havew to be a traditional, drap item, but a chic, modern piece of furniture. And the best bit? after a week of hiring your chesterfield sofa, you get to send it back, so you dont even have to clean it!!