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Types of Chesterfield Sofa

We have literally dozens of different styles of Chesterfield Sofa, and even more choice of colours, but there are are only a few basic different designs to choose from.

These are explained below.

  • Straight or Crested Back:
    This is to do with the back profile of the Chesterfield Sofa. Straight backed Leather Chesterfields tend to be more traditional and are probably what you have in mind when you think about Chesterfield Sofas. Crested backs are increasingly popular, as they still keep the look of a traditional Chesterfield Sofa but they give better lateral back support.
  • Low or High Leg:
    This is to do with the stance of your Leather Chesterfield Sofa. Traditionally, you will find Chesterfield Sofas are mounted on solid mahogany bun feet (low leg). Nowadays, to appeal to a wider audience, many Leather Chesterfields have a thinner undercarriage and are mounted on taller legs (high leg), usually with castors, to give a more elevated appearance.
  • Buttoned or Cushioned Base:
    This is to do with, as the name suggests, the seated area of a Chesterfield Sofa. The more traditional Chesterfield Sofas are made with a buttoned (also known as ‘tufted’) base – purists will always go for this option. Many customers though like the originality of a Leather Chesterfield Sofa but opt for the cushioned base, in which individual cushions are hand-stuffed, which gives greater comfort – ideal for a more relaxed feel.

The choice is yours!

Chesterfield Sofas – Built to Last

Happy New Year! Welcome to the world of Chesterfield Sofas.

It’s the New Year – time to leave the past behind, chuck out the old and bring in the new. We all make New Year’s Resolutions but how many actually last? So why not try something different this year – something that will last. Take the tree down, pack away the decorations and take a long hard look at your home. Could it do with a bit of a New Year’s facelift, a lick of paint or perhaps a new piece of furniture? It’s amazing what a difference just changing your furniture can make.

So why not invest in a traditional Leather Chesterfield Sofa?

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we manufacture and supply Chesterfield Sofas in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours. And if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, then we can tailor-make it to fit your exact requirements. Not only are our Leather Chesterfields unique (from a style and colour point of view) but the durability of a Chesterfield Sofa sets it apart from all our other competitors. We use only the finest and strongest hardwood to ensure that you have a Leather Chesterfield Sofa that will last you a lifetime. Our sofas really are designed to stand the test of time and, with our fantastic range of leathers, you will find that your sofa will actually improve with age!

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage 3

Following on from the previous two stages, this final stage (known as the finishing process) is where the hide acquires it’s final surface finish.

First it is coated with a pigment dye – this penetrates deep into the leather, which gives a finished colour to the hide. The hide is then re-dried and covered with a protective final fix coat to protect the acquired finish.

The leather is then dry-milled or pummelled. This further softens the hide. It is then ironed and ready for despatch. This completes the full leather finishing process.

When we upholster our Chesterfield Sofas, we select (from our leather stores) fine grain hides in the required finish. Templates, for whichever sofa is chosen, are applied to the hide and the panels are cut by a trained professional pattern maker and then passed to a dedicated upholsterer, to be put on the appropriate Chesterfield Sofa.

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage Two

Following on from Stage One (see previous entry on 1/12), the hide is bathed in chromium salts – these are absorbed deep into the skin.

This stage is called ‘Wet Blue’, so called due to the chromium salts turning the immersed hide a blue-ish colour. The hide is then checked for quality. This assessment is carried out by a trained professional. They choose certain hides for grade one, or otherwise known as top quality, applications and they choose others for more hard-wearing applications. This is an extremely specialised stage.

After this process, the leather is then separated in to layers. The top layer is the most luxurious aniline leather, known also as ‘full grain’. The second layer, known as corrected grain, is the leather most commonly used in furniture production. And finally, the lower layers being the lower quality split leather.

The hide is then shaved to create a consistent thickness all over the hide. Following this, the hide is re-tanned and re-dyed using different forms of oils and dyes. This adds colour and gives further lubrication too, so the leather takes on a more supple feel. The leather is then stretch-dried in a specially equipped oven.

The Leather Finishing Process – Stage One

Ever wondered how the leather for your Leather Chesterfield Sofa gets treated? Well, let’s get technical now!

Before your Chesterfield Sofa can be covered, the leather has to be ‘finished’. There are three stages to this. Here is the first stage – known as “Rawhide”. (Put all thoughts of country and westerns, cowboys boots and whips to one side for a minute!!)

This is the term used basically for raw leather, once it has been removed from the carcass of the animal and cured.

Fat and flesh deposits are removed from the hide after the leather has been taken to the tannery. This process is actually called the beam house process. It got it’s name, as traditionally the fat and flesh deposits were removed by laying the hide over an oak beam and then scraped off with a sharp knife. However, this process is now performed mainly by machine, as it is more precise and a lot quicker.

The next step is called liming. The hide is placed in a large drum and spun with a lime or calcium carbonate solution. This makes the hair and any other deposits soluble which can then be washed away. The excess lime is then removed and the hide is treated with enzymes to remove any final proteins.

Keep your eyes peeled for Stage Two!

You’ll look at your new Chesterfield Sofa in a whole new light.

Chesterfield Sofas – A Variety of Choice

Chesterfield Sofas come in many different shapes and sizes. From the traditional and formal Essex Sofa to the contemporary and flamboyant Cumberland Sofa – the choices in finish detail, sizes and shapes are almost endless.

But which Chesterfield Sofa is right for me? And what do I want out of it?

Different people require different characteristics in their Chesterfield Sofa – whether it be the traditional firm sprung and webbed or the informal soft and squishy. There are practically dozens of different styles of Chesterfield Sofa to choose from but there are only a few different basic designs. These are:

  • Straight or Crested Back:
    The profile of the back gives the Chesterfield Sofa it’s shape. Straight backed Chesterfields are more traditional in appearance. Crested backs do, however, tend to give more lateral back support.
  • Low or High Leg:
    With regard to the stance of your Chesterfield Sofa, many traditional Chesterfields have plain wooden bun feet. However, many Chesterfields now tend to have a thinner undercarriage and a taller leg gives a more elevated appearance.
  • Cushioned or Buttoned Base:
    It is down to personal preference and taste as to whether you go for the comfort and shape of a stuffed cushion or whether you prefer a buttoned and tufted base instead.

Chesterfield Sofas – Individual and Unique

The Chesterfield Sofa – highly sought after due to it’s traditional design and quality parts – is probably the most popular type of hand-made leather sofa you can buy. You can be assured of a superior quality – unique only to you – which is a world away from the mass-produced leather sofas we see on the market today.

The leather that is used to upholster Chesterfield Sofas will provide you with many years of durability, style and comfort. They are market leaders of luxurious sofas and the Leather Chesterfields are so comfortable and stylish – this far out-weighs less superior manufacturers.

Chesterfield Sofas are available at a price to suit any discerning buyer and you – the customer – have the ability to create a piece individual to your own needs and requirements. From the style, shape, cushioning, arm rests and leg choices to the colour and/or pattern of the leather – you are in control.

It’s YOUR Chesterfield Sofa – put YOUR mark on it!

The Quality of Leather

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have a large range of Leather Chesterfields in differing styles and looks to suit your preferred taste and living environment.

From deep sumptuous red and brown leathers to a clean fresh white leather, our range of Chesterfields is comprehensive, so we should have the type of leather and sofa that you are looking for. Our leathers are selected at source for fineness, texture, even-ness and feel. This means that only the highest quality end product is received by you – our customer.

Leather is one of the most versatile materials used in furniture, offering a luxuriant look and feel, and excellent durability. It has the unique ability to improve with age, as the leather takes on a patina with use.

There is nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing on a real leather traditional Chesterfield Sofa, with the comfort and luxury feel that it affords.

Chesterfield sofas the luxurious leather furniture

Many people want their house to look elegant and classy. Only having good interiors, good colour combination is not enough to make your house look good. There should be elements that will compliment the interiors. Furniture’s plays an important role in making your house look good, bring class and style to it. There are types of furniture’s like wooden furniture’s, leather furniture’s and leather chesterfields.

Chesterfield sofas are made with the help of finest quality of leather that is available. Chesterfield sofas are built keeping the durability factor in mind. Chesterfield furniture’s add luxury of sitting on soft, comfortable and pure sofa. Leather furniture brings class and style into your home.

Previously leather furniture used to be exorbitantly priced which was not in everyone’s budget but nowadays the leather furniture’s are very much affordable. Furniture’s are available in various sizes and shapes and for different purpose. There are sofas, chairs, footstools. Chesterfield Sofas are available in many ranges and styles.

Some of the available chesterfield sofas are:

  • Buckingham Chesterfield sofa
  • Cumberland chesterfield sofa
  • Derby chesterfield sofa
  • Hertford chesterfield corner sofa

and many more.

Chesterfield sofas are the best replacement for rugged sofas. Chesterfield sofas when placed in living room make a good show off. The chesterfield sofas are so attractive that it creates a long lasting impact on the guests that visit your place. You can never imagine that one sofa could create such an impact.

The Biggest Leather Chesterfield in the World?

This week at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have been discussing with one of our Prestigous Designer clients in Italy, a new project.

Now as you can see by the picture above, we are no strangers to Big chesterfields, but when during the discussion, our client asked for a one piece 12 metre sofa even I was taken a back!

Yes, you read it correctly, 38 feet of leather chesterfield- over 1000 feet of leather, over 300 feet of solid beech, approx 2600 studs, and over 500 buttons.

Naturally, once replacing my jaw and speaking to our workshop manager, we let them know we would accept the challenge.

So watch this space, and read for updates, about news on what is going to be (to my knowledge) the biggest chesterfield sofa in the world!

If you know something to the contrary let me know…. maybe it would have to be 40 feet!!!!