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Furniture Design

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields we are always looking for the next project.

Along with the everyday Chesterfields we like to challenge our frame makers and upholsterers in to doing something creative.

We have recently made a 4 piece Chesterfield in a semi circle sitting approximatley 25 people for a company in London.

Do you have something in mind and want to challenge Distinctive Chetsrfields into making your idea into reality?

Call us now or email us at


Unusal Chesterfield Sofas

We have had an increase in demand for the traditional Chesterfield Sofa in bright colours for bars, clubs, restaurants and homes.

As we make all our own Sofas here in the UK we can use differnt leathers and fabrics to cater your every need, from your  hot pinks, day glow oranges and lime greens to white and black pvc or even hair on hide.

We also make items for commercial customers so open your trade account today!

As we are in the 21st century nothing will sease to amaze us so give us a call or pop us an email with your requirements now.


Chesterfield Sofas in Stock!

Yes its that dreaded quiet summer month again where our Chesterfield sofas come second to the holidays. To try and tempt you into reconsidering us before the end of the summer break, we are currently offering sale prices on stock chesterfield sofas and chesterfield suites such as the Essex range.

And because these sofas are in stock, we can deliver super quick!

Just call or e-mail for more details!

“Roll on Summer”

I overheard Steve and Bob this morning talking about taking me along to a couple of fund raising events for SSAFA, (check them out at ) during the summer. I am so exited I could crush a grape !!. Just imagine, out in the open the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze, the sound of children laughing and playing, I can`t wait. Mind you this is Yorkshire so it will probably pee it down. Never mind its nice to dream.

Did the Earth Move for You?

Well, there I was silly o-clock in the morning, having a really nice dream about a slinky little chaise longue they had in the showroom last week, when all of a sudden I was shaking and vibrating as though I was balanced on an over filled washing machine on its fast spin cycle, ( not totally unpleasant I must say ) it was over more or less before it started, (now where have I heard that before).

Global Warming

What’s all this global warming all about?, why has it not come to Huddersfield yet?, the heating has been off all weekend and my feet (all eight of them) are freezing.

Fluff Men

Well I think I must have been looking a little jaded (thats Lime Green but dirty), this morning, because Bob decided to give me a bit of a freshen up. Its something i usually enjoy, you know, head to toe with a feather duster followed by a rub down with warm clean water, but today he wanted to do my belly buttons (I have over two hundred) it was torture!!. You try keeping your arms and legs still while someone removes over two hundred fluff men from your belly buttons, I laughed so much my frame ached.