About Ches

Meet Ches the Distinctive Chesterfield

You do realise you are sat at your computer about to take time out of your life to read about the thoughts of Ches the distinctive chesterfield, and I thought my life was uneventful, “only kidding” my life isn`t really uneventful although I can not vouch for yours.Before we go any further let me introduce myself, I am Ches the distinctive chesterfield, I could tell you I was given my name because it best describes my being, I am a chesterfield sofa a little over thirteen feet long, I have a beech wood skeleton a muscular yet supple body “bumps in all the right places” complemented by a beautiful soft ‘no let me correct myself’ sensual lime green leather and that makes me a very distinctive chesterfield. But I wont, even though my description is accurate I was really named Ches the distinctive chesterfield because the guys that own me have a company called Distinctive Chesterfields, after my conception their plan was to use me as part of a marketing campaign to promote the company by exploiting my unusual features. Now before you jump up out of your chair and shout exploitation!! I must say don’t feel sorry for me, it’s not a bad life, lets face it when you see Pamela Anderson on the big screen your first thought isn’t poor girl she’s being exploited by her agent is it. Yes my life as a distinctive chesterfield is not at all bad, Steve and Bob the owners of the company treat me ok, they don’t allow me to get dirty or dusty they give me pride of place in there show room, they occasionally take me out to trade shows and sometimes let pretty girls sit on me, how cool is that.

Over the coming weeks I will tell you about some of the people I meet and places I go, you see as you get to know me I think you will find I am a really nice distinctive chesterfield I may even tell you about some of Steve and Bobs exploits, but on the other hand we don’t want to give them to much publicity or do we?. When I was young and first left the workshop to move into the showroom I felt a little out of place not to mention self conscious, you see I was surrounded by traditional chesterfields and club chairs, they were all very regal in their conservative colours and had that feeling of grandeur about them they were traditional chesterfields in every sense of the word. I sat there in the warm glow of the overhead spot lights looking all contemporary modern and confident, some may say brazen, As we all know looks can be deceptive can’t they; I was a nervous chesterfield would they accept me I wondered, would they see past my size and the colour of my skin, I knew looked different to the other chesterfields but being different isn’t a bad thing is it?. After all I was made in the same way they were by the same skilled craftsmen using the same materials and methods, I didn’t want to be ignored, snubbed or even worse totally rejected, would I be destined to a life of solitude?, a Billy no mates friendless and lonely, you see we chesterfields live a very long time and I couldn’t bear the thought of being unloved and lonely throughout the many stages of my life to come. I just wanted to be cared for and loved, I wanted to be enjoyed admired and respected, I wasn’t a politician a tax collector or a lawyer so there must be a chance of them liking me surely I thought in those nerve racking early days.Well I am happy to report all my anxieties were unnecessary, it did not take long for me to realise that the real difference between me and the other chesterfields was not a cosmetic one, no it was far greater than that, the real difference was I could talk and think, I could have opinions, I was alive!! And sadly they were not, they were inanimate objects, they were furniture, and I was, I am Ches, that is I am Ches the Distinctive Chesterfield.