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The Hudson Swivel Office Chair is Great for Offices

It is essential that you give your office a professional and significant look. It not only makes you feel good about yourself but also makes the work environment better to work in. An office forms an impression about the kind of person you are and how good you are at your job. If you want to make your office appear more professional, fresh and younger you can do it well with office chairs that stand out. Leather Chesterfields offer a wide range of office chairs that are stylish and comfortable.

You can make your office look more attractive with The Hudson Swivel Office Chair. Chesterfields has the most exquisite range of chairs in leather and the Hudson chair happens to be one of them. The look of this chair probably dates back to the thirties and is not only wonderful to look at but is very comfortable. It has a fully buttoned interior and has a hand studded finish.

The design of the Hudson office chair comes from a Victorian time and is associated with being a world class leather office chair. It has a solid mahogany frame and is hand buttoned all over. The Hudson Swivel office chair looks its best in hand dyed leather. It is also available in different coloured antique and premium leather and is hand crafted. However, this finely crafted leather chair does not only offer a wonderful sight, but it also happens to be an extremely comfortable chair to sit in.

The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa

The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa is an original design here at Distinctive Chesterfields. This unique sofa captures the beauty of a true Leather Chesterfield.

Rather hard to actually describe, it appears to be set rather low to the ground, which then pronounces the height of the arms and back of the sofa, when in fact, the height of the sofa is actually no different to our other Chesterfield Sofas! And it is then set on taller than usual contoured polished mahogany feet – bun feet and castored feet being the norm for most of our Chesterfield sofa range. A very palatial looking sofa yet very understated at the same time.

A custom made heavy set hardwood frame is the basis on which this, our largest standard range of Chesterfield Sofas, is built. The Lincoln features a deep buttoned seat and heavy springing. Hand-nailed studs on the facings complete the look of this high stanced Chesterfield Sofa.

This sofa can only be truly appreciated upon close inspection, to understand and take in its understated elegance. The Lincoln Chesterfield Sofa really is a sofa with timeless beauty. And finished in high quality leather, this sofa takes on a whole new look of regality.

The Origins of Chesterfield Sofas

Some people think that Chesterfield Sofas are given their name after the town of Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Yet rumour has it that they were named after the Earl of Chesterfield but neither are proven facts.

Choosing a Chesterfield Sofa is an important decision – do you buy a leather sofa or a fabric covered one? Today, most living areas feature a sofa, or sofas, in some shape or form. Most of us grew up with a fabric or a leather sofa, settee or couche – whichever term you use – but where did these modern Chesterfield Sofas, and their smaller counterparts (the Club Chair) originate from? The history and background of Chesterfields is somewhat rather complex.

The earliest form of seated furniture to accommodate two or more people was known as a settee – this dates back to around 1500. The more comfortable chair-back type settee evolved from this in the late 17th century and it was from this that the fully upholstered and exposed wood long seat (or settee) developed.

A settee was an elongated armchair that accommodated two or more people. Anything with more than two cushions was called a sofa.

Which Chesterfield Sofa is Right For Me?

That is the question most frequently asked in the offices at Distinctive Chesterfields. And the problem in answering it is, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on the customer and what they want from their Chesterfield Sofa.

The questions to ask are:

  • Are you looking for traditional or more modern?
  • Are you wanting comfort over appearance?
  • What type of setting will your Leather Chesterfield Sofa be placed in?

Different people seek different characteristics in their Chesterfield Sofa. Take the firm sprung and webbed Rutland Sofa – this is never going to be as soft and squishy as the more informal Kendal Sofa. However, the Dorset range of Leather Chesterfields can be seen as a compromise between the two. But why compromise?

So what we always recommend here at Distinctive Chesterfields, when buying a Leather Chesterfield Sofa, is to ask yourself “What do I want out of my sofa?” Then, and only then, can we sit down and decide which sofa would be best for you and narrow down the possibilities.

Types of Chesterfield Sofa

We have literally dozens of different styles of Chesterfield Sofa, and even more choice of colours, but there are are only a few basic different designs to choose from.

These are explained below.

  • Straight or Crested Back:
    This is to do with the back profile of the Chesterfield Sofa. Straight backed Leather Chesterfields tend to be more traditional and are probably what you have in mind when you think about Chesterfield Sofas. Crested backs are increasingly popular, as they still keep the look of a traditional Chesterfield Sofa but they give better lateral back support.
  • Low or High Leg:
    This is to do with the stance of your Leather Chesterfield Sofa. Traditionally, you will find Chesterfield Sofas are mounted on solid mahogany bun feet (low leg). Nowadays, to appeal to a wider audience, many Leather Chesterfields have a thinner undercarriage and are mounted on taller legs (high leg), usually with castors, to give a more elevated appearance.
  • Buttoned or Cushioned Base:
    This is to do with, as the name suggests, the seated area of a Chesterfield Sofa. The more traditional Chesterfield Sofas are made with a buttoned (also known as ‘tufted’) base – purists will always go for this option. Many customers though like the originality of a Leather Chesterfield Sofa but opt for the cushioned base, in which individual cushions are hand-stuffed, which gives greater comfort – ideal for a more relaxed feel.

The choice is yours!

Chesterfield Sofas – Built to Last

Happy New Year! Welcome to the world of Chesterfield Sofas.

It’s the New Year – time to leave the past behind, chuck out the old and bring in the new. We all make New Year’s Resolutions but how many actually last? So why not try something different this year – something that will last. Take the tree down, pack away the decorations and take a long hard look at your home. Could it do with a bit of a New Year’s facelift, a lick of paint or perhaps a new piece of furniture? It’s amazing what a difference just changing your furniture can make.

So why not invest in a traditional Leather Chesterfield Sofa?

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we manufacture and supply Chesterfield Sofas in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours. And if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, then we can tailor-make it to fit your exact requirements. Not only are our Leather Chesterfields unique (from a style and colour point of view) but the durability of a Chesterfield Sofa sets it apart from all our other competitors. We use only the finest and strongest hardwood to ensure that you have a Leather Chesterfield Sofa that will last you a lifetime. Our sofas really are designed to stand the test of time and, with our fantastic range of leathers, you will find that your sofa will actually improve with age!