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The Derby Chesterfield Sofa

The Derby Leather Chesterfield Sofa is highly reminiscent of the turn of the century study sofa and is based on the classic Chesterfield shape.

It has a low seat and relatively high back, compared to other Chesterfield Sofas, which gives it real depth. The Derby looks very traditional and wouldn’t look out of place in the drawing room or living room of a stately home. But it would also look equally as good in a study or office.

The Derby Chesterfield is built onto a solid beech frame, which is hand-screwed and dowelled for long lasting and superior quality. It has a very firm hand-sprung base and back, complete with deep buttoning. It has flat-faced arms with scroll top, which are also deep buttoned.

The Derby Chesterfield Sofa can be made in a choice of leather types and colours, to suit your individual taste.

Product Review: The Cumberland

The Cumberland Chesterfield Sofa is the “Rolls Royce” of the Chesterfield Sofa world.

The Cumberland Range consists of a foot-stool, club chair and 2, 3 and 4 seater sofas. This magnificent Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Club Chair combination can be seen in some of the grandest sitting rooms all over the world.

This classic adaptation of a contemporary Leather Chesterfield Sofa features a fully sprung back, built on a hand sprung frame, and has charming flared arms. Rich mahogany legs, with solid brass castors, and deep buttoned seat finish off this delightful sofa perfectly.

This Chesterfield Sofa is available, as standard, in up to four seats. We have however, here at Distinctive Chesterfields, built stretched versions of up to 5 and a half metres in length!

This truly is a magnificent piece of furniture to enhance and beautify any living environment.

The Buckingham Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below is an over-view of our Buckingham Chesterfield Sofa, which can be viewed at Distinctive Chesterfields. The one on view, on the website, is shown in Premium Oxblood Leather.

The Buckingham Range of sofas comprises a foot-stool, low Chesterfield Club Chair, two seat sofa, three seat sofa and a four seat sofa. This collection sports distinctive lines – more notably a crested back and slashed arms, which sets this apart from other Leather Chesterfield Sofas.

The Buckingham Chesterfield Sofa is built entirely over a hardwood frame, with deep sprung back and arms. This Chesterfield Sofa is classically styled and it’s curvy appearance gives it a more relaxed feel. The individual cushions are hand-stuffed and provide a real luxurious feel. It is finished off with solid mahogany bun feet.

It can be covered in a variety of leathers such as antique leather, premium leather and hand dyed leather. A range of colours can be viewed at Distinctive Chesterfields.

For your convenience, the dimensions of all the Buckingham Sofas are:

  • 2 seater: H – 84cm x W – 149cm x D – 106cm
  • 3 seater: H – 84cm x W – 197cm x D – 106cm
  • 4 seater: H – 84cm x W – 236cm x D – 106cm.

The seat height for both sofas is 54cm and the seat depth is 58cm.

Prices for all these Leather Sofas are shown on the Distinctive Chesterfields website.

Time For You

How long do you spend in the lounge or living room when you get home from work?

Let’s set the scene – you’ve been up since 6am, worked tirelessly all day, spent hours sat on an uncomfortable (i think they call it ‘practical’!) office chair and then you’re stuck in the rush hour traffic to get back in time for tea. We’ve all been there – we know what it’s like!

So what could be better than walking through your front door and relaxing into the most beautiful, comfortable and stylish real Leather Chesterfield Sofa.

On average, we spend between 4 and 6 hours a day sat on our sofas – whether it be watching television, listening to music, working on the laptop etc. So we want the best!

A Chesterfield Sofa can be made to provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Discover the unexpected depth as you sit down and sink into the deep seat (either buttoned, tufted or cushioned – whichever you prefer). Once you get up, they resume their shape and they stay comfortable for years.

A Leather Chesterfield Sofa is a true investment, will give you years of enjoyment and will last you a lifetime.

What do YOU want?

What do you want from your Leather Chesterfield Sofa? Are you looking for style? Are you looking for comfort? What about authenticity? A piece of English heritage?

There are dozens of questions really that you need to ask yourself before purchasing your Leather Chesterfield Sofa.

But at the end of the day, you can forget about “mass produced”, “European” and “faux” materials. At Distinctive Chesterfields, we produce only the best. All our Leather Chesterfields are hand-crafted, upholstered and finished by time-honoured tradesman, willing to use only the BEST wood and the BEST leather they can find – and all this is sourced and produced right here in England.

You decide what YOU want from your Leather Chesterfield – be it high back, low back, buttoned, tufted or cushion based. And with a vast array of colours to choose from – you can have a real Leather Chesterfield EXACTLY how you want it.

Bag Yourself a Bargain! – EXPIRED


Why not treat yourself, or your home, to one of our fantastic Leather Chesterfield bargains on offer this week?

Check out, at Distinctive Chesterfields – Special Offers, the Cumberland 2 Seat Sofa – this ex-showroom model comes in Antique Brown. With it’s deep buttoned seat and sumptuous flared & padded arms, this Leather Sofa would look fantastic in any living room.

This adaptation of a contemporary Chesterfield Sofa features a fully sprung back and arms, and is finished off perfectly with solid brass castors.

Imagine yourself snuggled up on this real Leather Chesterfield Sofa, on a freezing November day, in front of a roaring log fire! In fact, the Cumberland is the rolls royce of the Chesterfield Sofa world and can be seen in many of the finest sitting rooms around the world.

Our normal price for this gorgeous Leather Sofa would be £1235.00. This ex-showroom model, in Antique Brown, can be yours for only £895.00! That’s a massive saving of £340.00. So go on, treat yourself and your home this winter.

Chesterfield Sofas – A Variety of Choice

Chesterfield Sofas come in many different shapes and sizes. From the traditional and formal Essex Sofa to the contemporary and flamboyant Cumberland Sofa – the choices in finish detail, sizes and shapes are almost endless.

But which Chesterfield Sofa is right for me? And what do I want out of it?

Different people require different characteristics in their Chesterfield Sofa – whether it be the traditional firm sprung and webbed or the informal soft and squishy. There are practically dozens of different styles of Chesterfield Sofa to choose from but there are only a few different basic designs. These are:

  • Straight or Crested Back:
    The profile of the back gives the Chesterfield Sofa it’s shape. Straight backed Chesterfields are more traditional in appearance. Crested backs do, however, tend to give more lateral back support.
  • Low or High Leg:
    With regard to the stance of your Chesterfield Sofa, many traditional Chesterfields have plain wooden bun feet. However, many Chesterfields now tend to have a thinner undercarriage and a taller leg gives a more elevated appearance.
  • Cushioned or Buttoned Base:
    It is down to personal preference and taste as to whether you go for the comfort and shape of a stuffed cushion or whether you prefer a buttoned and tufted base instead.

Chesterfield Sofas – Individual and Unique

The Chesterfield Sofa – highly sought after due to it’s traditional design and quality parts – is probably the most popular type of hand-made leather sofa you can buy. You can be assured of a superior quality – unique only to you – which is a world away from the mass-produced leather sofas we see on the market today.

The leather that is used to upholster Chesterfield Sofas will provide you with many years of durability, style and comfort. They are market leaders of luxurious sofas and the Leather Chesterfields are so comfortable and stylish – this far out-weighs less superior manufacturers.

Chesterfield Sofas are available at a price to suit any discerning buyer and you – the customer – have the ability to create a piece individual to your own needs and requirements. From the style, shape, cushioning, arm rests and leg choices to the colour and/or pattern of the leather – you are in control.

It’s YOUR Chesterfield Sofa – put YOUR mark on it!

The Quality of Leather

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have a large range of Leather Chesterfields in differing styles and looks to suit your preferred taste and living environment.

From deep sumptuous red and brown leathers to a clean fresh white leather, our range of Chesterfields is comprehensive, so we should have the type of leather and sofa that you are looking for. Our leathers are selected at source for fineness, texture, even-ness and feel. This means that only the highest quality end product is received by you – our customer.

Leather is one of the most versatile materials used in furniture, offering a luxuriant look and feel, and excellent durability. It has the unique ability to improve with age, as the leather takes on a patina with use.

There is nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing on a real leather traditional Chesterfield Sofa, with the comfort and luxury feel that it affords.

Christmas at Distinctive Chesterfields

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we are preparing for Christmas, so why not add a touch of traditional luxury to your home (or office) this festive season. It’s that time of year to treat your home (or office) to effortless style and comfort.

Our Chesterfield Sofas are designer living at it’s very best! With a vast array of choice, design and colour – there’s bound to be one to suit everyone. Each one is hand-crafted to meet your exact specifications – so whether you are seeking the traditional look or something more unique, please call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

So add style to your life and take a look at our range of fabulous furniture for your home (or office). A Leather Chesterfield is timeless and stylish – our sofas and matching chairs give you a really luxurious look.