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The popularity of leather sofas and chairs is increasing

In the last few years many clubs, bars and restaurants have been attracting customers by renovating the interiors of these places and decorating them with leather chairs and sofas. It is a fact that leather chairs and sofas make settings appear to look well furnished and trendy. Upholstered leather sofas and chairs make rooms look comfortable, welcoming and informal and this is a main feature that draws people to these places.

Many high class restaurants and pubs are switching to leather dining chairs over the last few years. This is because these places are meant to look alluring and leather chairs do just the thing to attract people. These leather chairs and sofas increase the ambience of the place as well. They look stylish and provide immense comfort. Many are hand crafted and give a priceless look.

One such sofa is the Rutland Chesterfield sofa. This sofa has a unique shape that is curved which is symbolic of the Art Deco era. It has a stiff sprung frame and is fully buttoned with extra foaming that provides utmost comfort and exceptional support. The Chesterfield Rutland has a range of leather sofas and chairs which is perfectly balanced when it comes to comfort and style. This range is a classic one and is suitable to make a house feel and look rich and cosy. It can be ideal for any expensive restaurant or pub to give it a welcoming look and keep customers well seated. This range is available in different colours and leathers.

Chesterfield furniture specially designed to give a high class look and luxury

Decorating our home and office is never so easy. Almost everyone wants their home or office to look high class. When you purchase a mediocre sofa it does not give the look to your home or office. If you are attempting to style your home and bring class, leather furniture is the right choice. Choosing the perfect accessory to decorate your home can be very much challenging sometimes. Special care should be taken when you are concerned about class and style.

While choosing leather furniture there are several companies you can choose from but there is no one like leather chesterfield. Chesterfield furniture’s bring a new life to your household decoration and give a rich and world class feel. Chesterfield chairs and sofas add a touch of luxury to your living room and create a great impression on your guests. Chesterfield furniture is carved out of the finest available material.

Many sofas require attention in a couple of years but chesterfield furniture is made of a durable material to last for years to come. Having this luxury furniture placed in your living room or office can be a trendsetter in household decoration. Chesterfield sofas replaced with rugged sofas can create wonders. Chesterfield furniture’s can be purchased at very reasonable prices. This furniture’s are specially designed to last long keeping its beauty intact. Chesterfield furniture’s are specially designed to provide comfort and to last a lifetime.

Chesterfield furniture adding class and style to your living room

Decorating your home perfectly is the biggest task ever. There are various things you should take care of while making your home beautiful. Several things contribute in making your house look unique and appealing, the interiors, furniture, proper placement of things etc. Everyone attempts to make their house as beautiful as it can be. When it comes to furniture there is no better option than leather furniture. Leather furniture brings a different class and style to your home.

There are many kinds of leather furniture companies but none is quite reliable as leather chesterfield. There are various types of accessories available like chesterfield sofas, office chairs, chaise longue, footstools etc. Chesterfield furniture provides a 18th century look to your house. Chesterfield furniture’s are made of fine quality of leather and lasts long. When durability is a concern there is no company like chesterfield.

Chesterfield furniture’s provides a luxury feeling as they are made of pure and soft leather material. Their sofas look new even after couple of years. Chesterfield furniture’s are highly durable and keeps the beauty of furniture’s for a long time. Chesterfield furniture’s are very much affordable and at the same time are ideal to show off. Chesterfield leather furniture creates a long lasting impression on your guests. It is very hard to believe that a chesterfield sofa could such an impact on a room, and that is exactly what you expect from leather chesterfield.

Chesterfield sofas the luxurious leather furniture

Many people want their house to look elegant and classy. Only having good interiors, good colour combination is not enough to make your house look good. There should be elements that will compliment the interiors. Furniture’s plays an important role in making your house look good, bring class and style to it. There are types of furniture’s like wooden furniture’s, leather furniture’s and leather chesterfields.

Chesterfield sofas are made with the help of finest quality of leather that is available. Chesterfield sofas are built keeping the durability factor in mind. Chesterfield furniture’s add luxury of sitting on soft, comfortable and pure sofa. Leather furniture brings class and style into your home.

Previously leather furniture used to be exorbitantly priced which was not in everyone’s budget but nowadays the leather furniture’s are very much affordable. Furniture’s are available in various sizes and shapes and for different purpose. There are sofas, chairs, footstools. Chesterfield Sofas are available in many ranges and styles.

Some of the available chesterfield sofas are:

  • Buckingham Chesterfield sofa
  • Cumberland chesterfield sofa
  • Derby chesterfield sofa
  • Hertford chesterfield corner sofa

and many more.

Chesterfield sofas are the best replacement for rugged sofas. Chesterfield sofas when placed in living room make a good show off. The chesterfield sofas are so attractive that it creates a long lasting impact on the guests that visit your place. You can never imagine that one sofa could create such an impact.

Chesterfield Suites – EXPIRED


Looking for bargain chesterfield suites? look no further! In the Distinctive Chesterfields end of summer sofa sale, we have some corkers!!

  • Brown Antique leather Essex Chesterfield Suites for less than half of RRP!
  • Red Antique leather chesterfield suites for just £1595.00!!!

And you wont find any mass market or imported products here, just top quality, hand made in England Chesterfield suites, crafted by time served upholsterers in the workshops right here in England!

Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa

It is getting to that time of year here at Distinctive Chesterfields, where we are having to clear our stock to make way for christmas orders. Due to this, we have a few special offers on sale chesterfield sofas. One of the most popular sofa we do is the black chesterfield sofa with a buttoned base, and it just so happens that we have a few available in the two seat variety at £995.00 each. Now this is not just your average standard black leather, but an aniline, premium distressed black leather, which gives the 2 seat buttoned base derby such character, that these items dont usually stop around long enough to become specials- but here they are!

Also, they are in absolute pristine condition, having not been used since manufacture.

To take a look at these black chesterfield sofas, give us a call, but be warned, these wont be around for long!!