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Leather Chesterfields for Years of Comfort and Style

There are a variety of styles in which leather Chesterfield sofas and chairs are available. Leather Chesterfields are available in a number of colours. They are usually available in traditional, contemporary and designer styles. Leather Chesterfield sofas made in England are in great demand all over the world. Leather Chesterfield sofas can add sophistication, distinction, class and style to any room décor and the best part is that they are very easy to maintain and clean.

Leather Chesterfield sofas and chairs maintain their good looks for many years and are very fashionable and comfortable. They even have their own wonderful and unique scent. Hand tied Chesterfield sofas tend to be very classy and elegant. These sofas are made from supple and rich leather. They are also available in custom made, sectional and club styles. It is also possible to have a leather slipcover made for your current sofa.

Besides leather Chesterfield sofas, leather club, wing and office chairs, chaise lounges and footstools are also available all of which are stylish, beautiful, durable and comfortable. There are additional alternatives in which these are available so you have a variety of options to choose from. With these furnishings, you can also give your home a classic look.

Contrary to popular belief, these leather Chesterfields are quite affordable. Regardless of their price, once you have them in your home, you will have no regrets as they are long lasting pieces of furniture bringing with them endless elegance, comfort and class.

Pick From Your Choice of Leather Chesterfield Sofas

The opinions on the origin of the word ‘Chesterfield’ are many. Many think the term originated at the turn of the century and it was used to describe a sofa. Others believe the term was the origin of a style or shape of the sofa, buttoning of the leather and even the seat height. The Chesterfield is an authentic range of British furniture meant to adorn interiors with style and class for years.

Leather Chesterfield is a concept of old English furniture. The designs have proven to be everlasting in character. Some of the most exquisite Chesterfield Leather Sofa is:-

  • The Buckingham Chesterfield sofa and club chairs have crested backs and slashed arms which put them in a league of their own. The range is built over a hardwood frame with a deep sprung back and arms and is available as a four seated sofa or club chair and has a classic style.
  • The Lincoln Chesterfield is an original design and is set on a hardwood frame. It has a deep button seat, high stance and heavy springing and offers timeless beauty.
  • The Hertford corner sofa can be custom made to fit in a study or lounge and can be pushed together as separate units or can be fixed permanently together. This unit also has a selected hardwood frame and is fully sprung.

These are just a few types of Chesterfield sofas available. Leather Chesterfields are available in a very wide range. You can even get your custom Chesterfield sofas on request.

Chesterfield Sofas – the Dorset

The Dorset Chesterfield sofa is of very traditional design. It features a sprung and webbed back and arm, and a hand stuffed seat base, giving a supremely comfortable chesterfield sofa.

It is double buttoned to the front lower border, and is hand nailed on the facings to fix on the arm cap.

This is a chesterfield sofa which can be transformed by colour choice, be it dark brown and traditional, or diamond white (as shown below) and contemporary.

dorset chesterfield sofa

The Dorset chesterfield sofas are all finished with that trademark mahogany bun foot.

Turnaround time for manufacturing is approximately 4 weeks, and we can cover this chesterfield in any of our standard leathers or match to your specification

Chesterfield Sofas in Stock!

Yes its that dreaded quiet summer month again where our Chesterfield sofas come second to the holidays. To try and tempt you into reconsidering us before the end of the summer break, we are currently offering sale prices on stock chesterfield sofas and chesterfield suites such as the Essex range.

And because these sofas are in stock, we can deliver super quick!

Just call or e-mail for more details!