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Derby Chesterfield Sofa

The Derby Chesterfield sofa is your stereotype leather chesterfield sofa. It has straight arms and back, buttoned interior and base, and comes in a choice of sizes.

The frame is traditional beech hardwood, kiln dried and planed for strength, then double dowelled and screwed together.

This is then webbed and sprung before the wadding or foam is applied.

Unlike most chesterfields available today, this along with the whole upholstery process is undertaken in our workshops right here in England- not in a factory in the far east.

chesterfield sofa

Because of this, if you should require your leather chesterfield sofas to be a little longer or shorter, or in some way personalised, please dont hesitate to call- this is our forte.

Chesterfield Suites

Looking for a Chesterfield suite but dont know where to find what you want? Try the new sale pages at Distinctive Chesterfields. As well as an array of standard styles and colours, you will find many one offs and stock clearance specials. Chesterfield suites are our core business here at DC and if you are looking for some advice on which suite may be best for you, then give our sales department a call. Whether you are looking for a simple, standard chesterfield suite, or one of our signature chesterfield suites, we have theknowledge and patience to help you select the correct suite for your needs.

Our New Range of Chesterfield Sofas

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we are always striving to achieve uniqueness within our range of chesterfield sofas and chesterfield suites. Unfortunately, uniqueness does not last, and as quickly as as we come up with a new take on a classic, sure enough, sub standard copies will arrive on the market.

We are currently, however, in the process of developing a new range of chesterfield sofas, many of which are based on our current range, but with new twists and deign features. These will be unveiled officially around November time, but sneak peeks will be available on here from time to time.

So if you are looking for that unique set of chesterfield sofas for your living room, keep your eyes peeled on here!