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The Biggest Leather Chesterfield in the World?

This week at Distinctive Chesterfields, we have been discussing with one of our Prestigous Designer clients in Italy, a new project.

Now as you can see by the picture above, we are no strangers to Big chesterfields, but when during the discussion, our client asked for a one piece 12 metre sofa even I was taken a back!

Yes, you read it correctly, 38 feet of leather chesterfield- over 1000 feet of leather, over 300 feet of solid beech, approx 2600 studs, and over 500 buttons.

Naturally, once replacing my jaw and speaking to our workshop manager, we let them know we would accept the challenge.

So watch this space, and read for updates, about news on what is going to be (to my knowledge) the biggest chesterfield sofa in the world!

If you know something to the contrary let me know…. maybe it would have to be 40 feet!!!!

Long …… Leather ….. Chesterfields

What is it they say about enquiries being like busses? well in the last 4 days, we have had, wait for it, 9 enquiries about long leather chesterfields. leather chesterfields which have been stretched to gigantic proportions- one which is sooo big it wont fit in the van! have no fear though, we are making it in three parts and bolting it together on site. Now to most people, a 36 foot chesterfield sofa might be a daunting prospect, but here at Distinctive Chesterfields we relish a challenge, and this is certainly going to be one- seeing as it is to go on the 14th floor of a new office development in London City (think ill call in sick that day rather than get roped into carrying it up all those steps!

So why all the long leather chesterfields enquiries?

We have done a few of these in recent months for various clients, who in turn have had various people view them in their environment. They inevitably ask “where did you get that from?” and that leads them to us!

So if you are looking for stretch leather chesterfields, give us a call!

Chesterfield Sofa Hire

Recently, it seems that every swish party or corporate event I go to has had furniture provided by a furniture hire company. Whats more, this week we have agreed to supply several items, both large and small to corporate furniture hire companies. It seems that all of a sudden, everybody wants to hire a chesterfield for their party or gathering.

What has surprised me though, is that our usual best sellers, the antique greens and antique reds, are not being touched. Yet the Black, White, and Pastille red and blue chesterfields are being snapped up as quickly as we can make them!

So has there been a sudden influx of people wanting to hire chesterfield sofas? or has this market or leather chesterfields for hire just become apparent to us?

Either way, I think it a positive thing for the industry- and as for the white ones… great. This lets people see that a leather chesterfield does not havew to be a traditional, drap item, but a chic, modern piece of furniture. And the best bit? after a week of hiring your chesterfield sofa, you get to send it back, so you dont even have to clean it!!