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Favourite Chesterfield Sofas of all Time?

Lets throw this one open to the floor. What is/are your favourite chesterfield sofa or sofas of all time? I have a few on the short list- The Cumberland, The Rutland, and The Kendal. All of these chesterfields are different in many ways, and have different selling points for me.

The Cumberland sofa is straight, square, and very victorian looking. And when covered in a high end leather, looks so classy.

The Rutland Chesterfield has a different feel. Sure, the seat is still buttoned, and the facings are still studded, but the slinky, curved arms give a more art deco type of feel.

Then We get to the Kendal. A complete curve ball for me as I usuallygo for the buttoned base models, but this chesterfield sofa is for a different setting. Picture the scene- a light, airy farmhouse with a huge galleried livingroom, oak furniture, and a couple of these sofas. Perfect.

Distinctive Style from Leather Chesterfields

Our latest 2008/20098 designs of leather chesterfields are due to be launched in around two weeks- keep watching!

Leather Chesterfields

Distinctive Chesterfields Ltd. has a long spanning history of experience within the leather chesterfields market, and this experience tends to show in small ways. For example, we have recently been commissioned by one of the most renowned art dealers in the country, to produce a small collection of pieces of leather chesterfield furniture, unique to them, to resell. We chose a base design, decided on the leather to be used, settled on an extended beech frame which is triple dowelled for strength and rigidity, and have had special brass castors custom made as a one off. These leather Chesterfields are going to be something special, and the ability to guide the customer and merge their initial requirements with our many years of experience is what we believe, seperates us from the competition. Leather Chesterfields are what we do and we do them well.

Should you require a consultation on a bespoke leather chesterfield for your home or place of business, please call Bob on (01484) 663294 and BEWARE

If you have placed an order or orders on the above sites over the past few days, please contact us immediately on the number at the bottom of the post.


They have in fact been been launched by an industry competitor, GEORGE MAXWELL UK LTD, in the hopes of misleading unaware customers into thinking that the two companies are one and the same. The sites are trading off the brand name that we have built up, and we are currently seeking legal advice about further action that we can take. We have also noticed that other companies in this industry have also be targeted in the same way.


If you have any concerns regarding the above, please do not hesitate to call our office on (01484) 663294.

Chesterfield Suites

Funnily enough, over the last couple of months, we at Distinctive Chesterfields have been getting many requests for package deals on chesterfield suites, mostly antique red, antique brown, and antique green chesterfields and queen anne style chairs.

So we are currently offering a small range of chesterfield suites to cater for this which will be available to purchase over the phone and via the website.

These are still made with real leather, and constructed in England using a hardwood frame (no cheap imports here!) but because we are producing so many units, the prices are very attractive!

give us a call for details

Chesterfield Sofas

We are in the midst of a home styling revolution in the UK at the moment. The days of the reclining obnoxoius corner unit which is too big for the living room are over. The Chesterfield Sofa, in its many guises, is the new focal point of choice for the discerning home furnisher, being stylish, classic, and yet extremely practical.

No wonder then, that sales of this style of classic leather furniture are at an all time high!