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Fabric Chesterfield Sofa

Currently in the development stages at Distinctive at the moment, is the new summer collection of traditional Chesterfields and sofas- many of which will be covered in fabric as opposed to leather. This traditionally low volume market has been recently revived- a velvet or floral print chesterfield now being something requested frequently.

The options will include formal backed sofas or options of scatter back cushions for that more squishy, homely look, a couple of new fabric pattern options which are sure to provoke interest, and a range of arm styles, from the traditional and curvy, to the more unique and square.

I will endeavor to give you all a sneak peek at a few models of fabric chesterfield sofas over the next few weeks.

Chesterfield Couch, Sofa, or Settee?

Which term is most used today?

The reason I ask is that Distinctive Chesterfields deal with customers on a worldwide basis and as I am currently trying to add some content to the site, I would like to know which phrase to use.

Chesterfield Sofa has long been the favourite in the UK as far as i am aware, but recently, i have people calling and enquiring about Chesterfield Settees. And to make things worse, its seems that USA or Export / Import buyers prefer the terms Chesterfield Couch.

Answers on a post card please!

Chesterfields in Netherlands and Scandinavia

Lately at Distinctive Chesterfields, we seem to have been exporting more chesterfield sofas than selling in the UK. Over the past five weeks, we’ve sent items to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, 3 to Norway!, Holland, and Belgium!!

Not that i’m complaining of course – and the thing that amazes me most is how cost effictively we can get it transported.

What is even more unusual is that most of the suites have been in antique leather – as opposed to our premium aniline leathers which are our usual top sellers!

Bespoke Chesterfield ? No Problem!

Fancy a chesterfield sofa but need custom or bespoke finishes or sizes?

Talk to distinctive chesterfields!

We are experts in Bespoke and Custom work- in fact over 30% of our business is made up of non- standard orders.

Some recent projects we have undertaken include a 15ft Lime green chesterfield ( above) , a double corner unit in hand finished ivory leather, and a suite consisting of a distressed black Wessex sofa and two Queen anne wing chairs.

Chesterfield Furniture – Style Over Comfort?

As all of you are doubtless aware, the Chesterfield settee has long been a symbol of classic English style, common placements being anywhere from the corner of a bedroom, to the halls of Buckingham palace. But, in these modern times where life is more about comfort rather than formality, is the Chesterfield too much of a compromise for modern living? Certainly not- is the answer given by Steve Laidlaw, Director of Distinctive Chesterfields Ltd, a supplier of high quality chesterfield furniture. The question should really be ‘which style suits my needs best?’ There are three basic styles to make your decision from- the Queen Anne, a high back, formal seat. The Buttoned or Tufted Base, a highly sprung low back with a firm, though comfortable seat. And the Cushioned Base, the softest of the bunch, and more suited to laying and lounging. Further to this, you can also select different fillings in the cushions, different rates of spring on the back, even different arm heights and depths. So, in conclusion, the question is not whether the Chesterfield is comfortable enough to be useable, but more what do you want out of your settee.

Traditional Chesterfield Office Chairs

Long seen behind the solid mahogany partners desks of old English London, The Chesterfield office chair is as much a of a style icon as the chippendale love seat, or the Jacobsen Egg chair. Otherwise known as a Buttoned office chair, or simply a traditional office chair, the chesterfield office chair is available in many styles.

In terms of leather options, the standards are antique green or antique red , though there are many finishes and colours to choose from.

The nice finishing touch, of course, is when the traditional english office chair is actually made in England- As are all of Distinctive Chesterfields’ products.

Chesterfield Chairs – Differences Between Cheap and Expensive

There are many possible differences between different leather Chesterfield chairs, but lets assume that the style of chair and leather type are the same.

The next thing to consider is the frame. Is it hard or soft wood? This is important, due to the fact that when a chesterfield chair is complete, it is under lots of sprung force, which puts pressure on the frame. Therefore, if the frame is of a low quality, then over time the shape will distort or even break.

The second thing to consider is how the chair is wadded. By this I mean, is the Chesterfield chair sprung on the arms, back ,and base? or is it simply foamed? If fully sprung, you then have yourself a high quality Chesterfield chair which will last a lifetime. If not, then you dont. Answer these couple of simple questions before purchasing your Chesterfield chairs and you will not go far wrong.


Why is the Chesterfield Furniture Industry Based Solely in the UK?

Okay, so maybe 90% of the Chesterfields world wide are manufactured in the UK, or more specifically England. Why is this?

In the face of cheap foreign imports, why can this dwarf of an industry keep its head above water doing things the old fashioned way?

Even Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands – not to mention the daddy of them all – the USA cannot seem to get a grasp of this market.

The answer?

When people buy a Chesterfield sofa or suite, they are not just buying a couch to sit on, but piece of English Heritage. The Important word here is English- not European, or even UK, but English . So when a gentleman in spain, for example, wants to purchase a chesterfield, he wants the real thing– produced in its rightful birthplace- England!!!

Chesterfield Sofas in the USA?- I’m Not Sure!

Recently, I have had an unusually large amount of enquiries from customers in the United States of America who want to purchase chesterfields, both sofas, settees, and chairs from me. After looking into this in some detail, it seems that there is a huge demand for a genuine, English Leather Chesterfield, in the states and currently not many people servicing this market. To this end, we have recently spoken with our haulage company and negotiated a deal to give free delivery to all US orders over £1500.00 for the next couple of months to see just how much demand there is over there!

This offer does exclude the Chesterfield Suite Specials, but includes the whole of the rest of the range- including hump back, tufted, buttoned, and cushion based models.

I’ll keep you posted !

Leather Chesterfields- classic English furniture

Leather Chesterfields have long been an English Icon- Scotland have tartan Kilts, America has the muscle car, and England has the Leather Chesterfield. But where did it come from? There are a million different theories on where the name and design came from, but none can be truly confirmed. All we know is that the iconic images of Leather Chesterfields we all hold in our minds, are that of a leather covered sofa, the arms and back of which are the same height. Also, it is deep buttoned or ‘tufted’ all over.

The Leather Chesterfields of today are no different in appearance than those of a hundred years ago. The signature Leather Chesterfield look has remained the same for decades, and due to its timeless shape, will remain the same for years to come.