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Did the Earth Move for You?

Well, there I was silly o-clock in the morning, having a really nice dream about a slinky little chaise longue they had in the showroom last week, when all of a sudden I was shaking and vibrating as though I was balanced on an over filled washing machine on its fast spin cycle, ( not totally unpleasant I must say ) it was over more or less before it started, (now where have I heard that before).

What is a Club Chair?

A Club chair is a chair with level arms and back, often fully buttoned or tufted but can be plain upholstered. It will usually have a low, deep seating position and be covered in leather. Taking their name from the early nineteenth centure gentlemans clubs in London town, these chairs were most often accompanied by Chesterfield sofas and high wing chairs and most commonly fourn in Antique Red or Antique Green Leather.

Antique Chesterfield or Antiqued Chesterfield Furniture?

“What is the difference between an antique chesterfield and an antiqued chesterfield?”

This is a question i am asked often.

The answer is very simple- an antique chesterfield is an old sofa, with an old frame, and old foams and leather. An antiqued chesterfield is a new sofa with a new frame and foams/ springs and leather, which goes through a hand applied antiquing process to give it an aged appearance.

Well which is best i hear you ask?

The answer is different for different people:

Some crave originality and are prepared to live with the comprimise (a sixty year old sofa will not take the same daily use as a new sofa).

Others prefer to sacrifice the originality of an old sofa for a new one which can be used as an everyday piece of furniture, yet still retains the appearance of a used chesterfield.

Which Leather to Choose for My Chesterfield Sofa?

I was recently asked by a customer, the difference between Antique leather, Premium leather, and Hand dyed leather.

Basically, the Antiqued leather is a corrected grain leather (its pattern is stamped onto the surface rather than it being present naturally) which then has a rub-off coating applied to darken certain areas of the leather. Premium and Hand Dyed leathers are of the same quality, though the finish and dye process is different. These leathers are top grade leathers and the creases and patina are completely natural. for more info, look at this Leather range page.


Global Warming

What’s all this global warming all about?, why has it not come to Huddersfield yet?, the heating has been off all weekend and my feet (all eight of them) are freezing.

Fluff Men

Well I think I must have been looking a little jaded (thats Lime Green but dirty), this morning, because Bob decided to give me a bit of a freshen up. Its something i usually enjoy, you know, head to toe with a feather duster followed by a rub down with warm clean water, but today he wanted to do my belly buttons (I have over two hundred) it was torture!!. You try keeping your arms and legs still while someone removes over two hundred fluff men from your belly buttons, I laughed so much my frame ached.


Anyone Looking for a 15ft Chesterfield Sofa?

Okay, so due to a bet with my business partner, we now have a 15 foot Leather Chesterfield Sofa in the warehouse which will be great for marketing purposes. Whats more, it’s in lime green!

Now what to do with it?

  • Do we sell it off as a special? – is there any demand for a 15ft lime green chesterfield?
  • Do we auction it off on ebay for charity?
  • Any ideas on using it as a promotional tool?

I look forward to hearing some ideas!

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